Looking Back While Looking Forward

We are going to Chicago in a few weeks, and I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my  favorite street shots from previous trips.  Some of these have been posted before, but that is the way it goes.  Enjoy.


Playing on the corner signed

Corner sax player signed

A couple of street musicians.


Armenian protest topaz signed

Scientology protest signed

There are aways protests of some sort going on.  The Armenian protest above was pretty heavily guarded by Chicago’s finest.  The young lady protesting Scientology was hiding her identity behind the mask for fear of reprisals.   They are a scary bunch.

Scottish man in kilt saluting nik hdr color signed

I’m not sure who this Scot was saluting, maybe the wee Scottish lass I saw earlier?


Girl photoing mom signed

Girl taking a picture of her mom. 


Street artist signed

Street artist sketching.  I got a dirty look from him just prior to this brilliant shot.


Streetlights and buildings nik silver signed

I just like the shapes and angles.


Under The EL impression signed

Under the El.


The Bard signed

The Bard spotted on the streets of Chicago.


On the mall signed

Summer fun on the Mall.


Street transaction opaltype signed

Street transaction.


Homeless and mercedes signed

Just liked the juxtaposition of the homeless guy with the Mercedes.  He might have owned a Mercedes once before his life changed, you never know.


White tulip BW signed

One of my favorite pictures.  Every spring, tulips grow along Michigan Avenue, a veritable riot of colors.  This I call  Ghost Tulip.

I hope to have some new stuff from my favorite city soon.  Thanks for looking.






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