The Isle of Skye

To regress, digress or backtrack a little, on the Jacobite Stream Train, we met a lovely couple from England, Sonya and Tony Rest.

Sonya and Tony

Tony and I traded places shooting out the train window during the trip.  He took these two great shots before the train pulled out.

Jacobite furnace

Jacobite smoke stack

They were on a bus tour to the Outer Hebrides, I think it was, and Tony actually helped us with our luggage on and off the ferry to Skye.  Really nice folks, fun to travel with.

Back to Skye now, Peggy Nicholson picked us up about 10 that next morning, and took us for a day long tour of Skye.  Peggy is a native, Gaelic speaking resident of Skye. (That is pronounced Gallic, hard “a”, as opposed to the Irish Gaelic which is pronounced with a soft “a”, Gaylic, and they are two distinct languages.)

Here are some scenes from around Skye.

Skye stream

Skye stream and bridge hdr

Bog and cuillin

We stopped in Portree, the largest town on Skye to stretch our legs and pick up sandwiches for lunch.

Looking down on Portree

Portree independent hostel hopper

Street in Portree

Another interesting stop was the Skye Museum of Island Life.

Skye museum famr implements and north sea

Skye museum houses

Skye museum hous and north sea

A few more from around the Isle of Skye.

Skye cliff

Skye cliff 2

Little town on lock on skye 2

Little town on lock on skye 3

We spent another night at the Kinloch Lodge with another fine meal.  The next morning an associate of the Nicholson’s, Cameron, picked us up and took us to the train station in Kyles of Lochlaish, this time crossing the water on the bridge to the mainland.  On the way to the train, Cameron took us up to the top of the Kyle Plock, a large hill overlooking the harbor.

Kyle bridge to skye

Cameron took this picture of us on the dock at the train station.

Gina and wes in Kyles of Locklaish

We boarded our train for the two hour ride to Inverness.

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