A wet day in the Dingle Peninsula

We spent the early part of the morning walking around the town of Dingle. Some scenes from the walk.

Dingle sports and music venue soft

The best ice cream ever!!!

Dingle murphys ice cream


St. Mary’s Church

Dingle st marys cnurch

Dingle colorful street

Dingle holy water


Sean loaded us up in the Vagatron for a walk to a waterfall.  The girls look so happy, they had no idea what was to come.

Javonne gina and mother mary


It could have been a very nice, scenic walk, unfortunately Ireland was crying.  Nice scenery:

Annuscal landscape

Annuscal waterfall


We got back to the Vagatron drenched. Javonne’s comment resonated, “The river runs through me.”

We spent another night at the Dingle Bay Hotel, and departed early this next morning.

A short post, more later.

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