Mountbatten, Yeats and seaweed baths

Leaving the Ti Linn cafe after retrieving Rob and Kristinia, we headed to a point overlooking the ocean from where we could see the Mountbatten estate, Classiebawn, in the distance. In addition to the view of the estate in the distance, there were lovely sea views from this vantage point.

Apparently, “Dickie” Mountbatten didn’t have very good control of his wife. Edwina was what would be called a “loose woman.”–wife-Prince-Charles-mentor–took-heartbreaking-toll-children.html

Ok, enough salacious reporting.  The owners of Classiebawn, the Mountbatten estate treated the Irish pretty much like all the other English overlords.  Mountbatten obtained the property by marrying Edwina.  His attitude might have been a little more lenient towards the natives, but no matter, they blew him up anyway.  The manor house from a distance:

Mountbatten 1


Looking the other way, a pretty view of the coast line.

Mountbatten coastline


It was a chilly day on the coast.  Gina with Kathy in the background:

Kathy and gina


Leaving the coast for the time being, we headed to Drumcliffe (Droim Cliabh) the place where W. B. Yeats is buried.  A beautiful setting for his eternal rest.

Orumcliffe 1

Drumcliffe wall

Drumcliffe church


The grave of W. B. Yeats.

Yeats grave


A barrel at Drumcliffe.  As I have said, there is no accounting……

Barrel at drumcliffe


We spent the night in Ennischrone at the Waterfront Inn.  County Sligo.  Most of the group took advantage of the seaweed baths, quite an experience.  There are no pictures from the baths that I can post on a family friendly site.  The baths were worth doing.  My skin felt so soft after , oh well, that is enough.

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