Travels With Caroline – Part !

Portland, Oregon.  Not a particularly beautiful city, at least the downtown portion thereof.  Caroline and I spent an evening and a full day in Portland.  The first stop, the absolute required first stop, was Powell’s Bookstore, the City of Books.  Probably the best bookstore I have seen, and I have seen a few.  We spent a couple of hours there, then walked around a bit before having dinner at Mother’s Bistro and Bar.  An excellent restaurant.  The weather was standard fare for the Pacific Northwest this time of year, drizzling and chilly.

Portland has a superb mass transit system, trains, streetcars and buses.  Very easy to get around the city.  Also, there is an arial tram going from the street level to the OHSU Hospital Complex.

Speaks for itself

From the tram

Portland arial tram

Some random shots from above:

Angles and dangles

Angles and dangles 2

Looking down from OHSU

You ca see Mt. Hood just right of center in the picture below.

Looking down from OHSU 2

Caroline from top

Some shots from around downtown Portland:

Ringside park

Food Truck row

Food trucks

Mexican food and ragtime

The best bookstore I’ve seen, at least recently.  Luckily they ship.

Powell s Books

We walked a lot in Portland, and also rode the trains and street cars.  Ate some really good meals, and probably didn’t spend $60 total for the full day in the city.  We only had the one full day there, and left the next morning for the Columbia River Gorge, then down the coast.

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