Santa Fe

We travelled to Santa Fe in September, 2015 with two other couples.  A trip I recommend, Santa Fe being a lovely, friendly place.  Traveling with other couples means, of course, negotiation on what to do, where to go, etc, but we did get to see a lot and do a lot, and we look forward to going back to cover what we missed on this trip.

Our first stop was Sandia Peak outside  of Alburquque, where we took a cable car or tram up to the top of the peak.  We had a good lunch in the restaurant and enjoyed to vistas stretching out before us.

View from Sandia Peak

View from Sandia peak 2


You have to wonder at times about people’s intelligence.  Would you ride on the top of the cable car?

Dummy on top of cable car


A rose on top of the peak.

Santa fe rose hopper


A car show on the square in Santa Fe.

Bugatti    Bugatti 1

Lincoln    Unknown car

 Mg signed


Giving the burro a break

Tired Burro


Santa Fe has a marvelous farmer’s market on Saturday, and also on Tuesday afternoons.  Some scenes:

A flower vendor

Flower vendor


Some  of her wares

Zinnas i  santa fe




Peppers degas dancers

Red peppers and flowers


Little fiddle player trying to earn a buck or two

Little violinist


Blowup balloons not people, a nice sentiment

Blow up balloons


One of the many sculptures around Santa Fe.

 Eagle Attacking


More chili peppers, a wall display 

More Chili Peppers


Part of the Plaza, vendors selling jewelry, etc under the shade.

Market in Plaza


Some more indian sculptures:

Indian couple sculpture

Three indians


The gal singing in the picture below had just wandered into town, and asked the guys if she could jam with them  She was singing her heart out.  Really pretty good.

Itinerant singer


Another sculpture:

Balancing act sculpture


Good dad:

Tying his shoe


As you can tell, the arts are alive and well in Santa Fe, as is the Native American and Hispanic heritage and culture.  A great place to visit.

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