Cliffs of Moher and Co. Kerry

Day eight of our journey started out with a stop at the Cliffs of Moher.

Cliffsofmoher 1


O’Briens tower:

Obriens tower


And some more views:

Cliffofmoher 2a

Cliffsofmoher 3

Cliffsofmoher 4


We were on a bit of a tight schedule, as we had to get to Tralee to meet a train.  We crossed the River Shannon on the ferry on the way.  Rob and Kristinia wouldn’t be smiling soon.

Kristinia and rob on ferry


We were about to lose them in Tralee.  A profound sadness was descending over the group.

Sean asked Gina to guard the Vagatron.

Gina guarding the Vagabonder on ferry


In Tralee, we said goodbye to Rob and Kristinia, as they left to catch a train to Dublin returning to Dallas.  No more butt-slapping as we got out of the Vagabonder.

We were joined in Tralee by Pub Patty and Za Za Javonne for the remainder of the trip.  A sad loss but a welcome addition.

Some sights of Tralee:

Pretty tralee  mini

Tralee monument

Tralee square

Tralee dancers


After leaving Tralee with our two new Vagabonders, we traveled to the Glanteenassig Wood nature park for a walk.

It was another misty Irish day, making for a rather damp walk, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Glanteenassig lake

Glanteenassig creek


An enchanted forest.  We might have been in the Middle Earth.

Glanteenassig enchanted forest

Glanteenassig enchanted forest 2

Glanteenassig enchanted forest 3

Glanteenassig enchanted forest 4


Totally enchanted, we left the pretty park, and took a foggy ride over Connor Hill to Dingle for our over night stay, in fact our only two night stay of the trip.  View from Connor Hill.

View from connor hill


Dingle is a delightful town, a good choice for our only two night stay.

Dingle harbor

Dingle koriarity store

Dingle crucifixion scene


Gina and I spent several pleasant evening hours at the O’Sullivans Courthouse Pub, talking with locals and listening to music.

Dingle tommy osullivan singing


We were spied upon by a couple of lurkers.

Dingle girls watching


We ate a late, excellent meal at the Dingle Pub, then returned to the hotel, another full day.



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